ABOUT ilo itoo

ilo itooは多彩な魅力を持つグアテマラに魅せられ始まりました。

Colorful hand-made Guatemalan textiles bursting with energy that are born from unimaginably delicate labor. The people who live there in deeply-hued nature. ilo itoo began from an attraction to that multicolored country of Guatemala. With a wish to help preserve the Guatemalan handicrafts that we love so, we work together with local women to make products that bring color and joy to your life.

オオクボアヤAya Okubo

子供の頃から好きだったお裁縫や手芸。 針と糸を持つ母親を見て育った私。 グアテマラに出会ったとき、 色の魅力の虜になった。 ずっとこの手仕事が残っていきますように。 彼女たちと一緒に生み出すilo itooのプロダクト。 ともに作る喜びを皆さんにも感じてもらえたら嬉しいです。

I have loved sewing and handicrafts since I was a child.  I was raised by a mother who always had a thread and needle in hand.  When I first encountered Guatemala, I was captivated by the traditions passed from mother to daughter and the charm of the colors that overflowed from them. I hope this handwork continues throughout my life. The ilo itoo products that we create together with the women.  We hope that everyone can feel the joy that comes from creating them together.

タカザキマリコMariko Takazaki

グアテマラと不思議なご縁で繋がって2年間滞在。 真っ青な空と、その下に暮らす人々の色濃い世界は簡単には帰れない場所だけど、 彼らの織り成す布はどこにあってもグァテマラを感じさせてくれる。グァテマラと私を繋ぐ色と糸。 ilo tooを通してみなさんにもグァテマラの魅力をお届け出来ればと思います。

I spent two years in Guatemala, bound by a mysterious connection to the country. I may not be able to easily return to that place, where people live in a colorful world under deep blue skies, but the cloth they weave gives me a feel for Guatemala wherever I am. The colors and threads that bind me to Guatemala. I hope ilo itoo can bring such a feel for Guatemala to everyone.

ilo itoo 縫製グループSewing Group in ilo itoo


The people working together with us are the women of the lake-front town of San Juan La Laguna. Almost all of the women are Mayan descendants of the Tzutuhil tribe who were born and have lived in that town all their lives.  They may not be able to imagine what kind of country Japan is, but they do think of it as a highly developed country that produces cars and robots. They speak as though it were a dream that textiles from Guatemala and the products they themselves make are destined to go to a country such as Japan. There are presently seven members working with us. We carefully selected women from San Juan, each good-natured and hard-working, with their own individuality.