ABOUT Guatemala

真っ青な空と山々の深い緑、色濃い花々、カラフルな建物、 大音量の音楽に、
民族衣装を着たおばちゃんたち、 乗り込んでくる物売りの声、話しかけてくる隣のおじさん。
その押し寄せる全てと、そこに溢れる色たちは 彼らにとってはいつもの日常。
スペインの影響を受けつつもマヤの文化を守り続ける グアテマラ先住民たちはその日常に誇りを持ち続け、

"The Mayan people who maintain a traditional life in a world of rainbows"
After a succession of flights, you arrive in Guatemala City, with its modern buildings intermixed with buildings from the Spanish colonial period. From there you board a bus and head for the simple towns where the descendants of the Maya live. The pure blue skies and the deep green hues of the mountains, the colorful buildings, the loud music, the old women wearing traditional costumes, the voices of the people jumping into traffic to sell things, the guy next door who chats with you.  All of these things that overwhelm you is, for them, just ordinary life.  But for us, it’s a world of rainbows that touch your heart. Even with the influence from Spain, the native Guatemalans have proudly held on to their Mayan culture and even now to continue to live with those traditions.

グアテマラの生活 / Guatemalan Life


"A tradition of hand-made textiles carefully handed down from mother to daughter"
Even in present-day Guatemala, the Mayan descendants regularly wear traditional costumes in their daily life.  The vibrant colors are woven by hand into fabric, one product at a time, and that handicraft is passed over the generations from mother to daughter. As you walk down the street, your eyes are filled with the sight of woven textiles, old women with long braided hair listening to the radios at their sides, while young mothers play with the small children at their side while teaching the craft of weaving to their children returning from school. In their daily lives, the women turn the textiles they weave over the course of months into clothing that they treasure until it is worn out.

グアテマラの織物 / Guatemalan Textiles