Beginning with worn-out traditional costumes, we are displaying four series of textile products, including colorful hand-woven Guatemalan patterned cloth and original order vegetation-dyed cloth.

Telar de pie [テラール・デ・ピエ] 高機織布

日本でもよく知られる高機(足踏の織機)を使って織られた新品布を使ったシリーズです。 幅広で長く織ることが出来るので市場などで巻きで売られています。伝統の絣から現代風デザインまでバリエーションが豊かで、 どことなく日本の織物にも似ていますが、その色使いはグアテマラならではの特徴を持っています。

This is a series of our new cloth, woven with precision foot-looms well known even in Japan. Because the cloth can be woven into wide and long sizes, it is usually sold at the market in rolls. There is a great variation of textiles, from traditional cloth to more modern designs, that sometimes resembles Japanese textiles, but the use of colors is a quality particular to Guatemala.

Corte [コルテ] 民族衣装腰巻布


This is our series of traditional costume wrap-skirts, called *corte,* which use vintage cloth. Characteristic of this series are the patterns and color schemes that vary greatly from the different villages where they are produced. They are made of used cloth of medium thickness that is soft to the touch. It*s an attractive product that expresses different things depending the eye of the beholder.

San Juan [サン・ファン] オリジナルデザインの手織物

サン・フアン・ラ・ラグーナという町で織られたilo itooオリジナルの手織物シリーズです。伝統的な腰機で一本一本織り上げられた、カラーデザインから織り模様までilo itooデザインの完全オリジナル商品です。

It is hand woven series of ilo itoo original that was woven in the town of San Juan la Laguna. Was woven one by one at the waist machine traditional pattern to fully original products of ilo itoo design weaving from color design.

Guipil [ウィピル] 民族衣装上衣


This is our series of traditional costumes using vintage cloth called *Guipil.* The pattern that resembles closely-woven embroidery is called *unstitched weaving,* a traditional form of Guatemala handicraft that may require several months just to weave one item of Guipil clothing. All products in this series are made one at a time.